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Advanced Gunbound info and formulae.

This site is for the sharing of Gunbound info and formulas - mine and other people's. Most of the info here is from other people, so they deserve the credit for it. I don't want to steal from anyone, so if I missed any credit, /m CreeDo on gunbound about it. NOTE: don't try to buddy with me when I have never met you! I don't buddy with strangers! Ever! So don't keep trying to add me if I say no. I hope you understand why I can't buddy with everyone... and I hope you like the page. PS - if you plan on coming to the site often,The most recent updates are in green.

General Windchart Mobile Info Avatar Rating Calculator
"Ask Teh Pro" message board. Get help here.

Gunbound China avatar screenshots!

Stuff I've Written

The Magic Formula Long range shotgunning (any mobile) Boomer HTML Guide 0.8 - updated Boomer guide Armor guide Turtle guide Sate guide Aduka guide General Gunbound Guide Delay guide Avatar 'full sets' Windchart Help Room Control guide

Boomer Stuff

Boomer 42 BJSL hook (CreeDo) Formulas for full power backshots (Oxmos) Fixed 35 shooting (UnSober) Angle 35 shots over 1 screen distance (S4yo) Exact formula to calculate if it hooks or not(Wingitp) My Boomer guide in french (translation S4yo). Boomer 70 BJSL (KNAT, translation Angelgalz) 2.8 fixed power - for 0 wind and hooks (CreeDo) 3.0 fixed power (Maxstyx) Boundary hook non-formula (CreeDo) Angle 90 BETA non-formula (CreeDo) Reverse hookshot BETA (CreeDo) Tornado Hook bombs BETA (CreeDo) Another Boomer low hook formula. I forgot who sent it! 70 Backshot IT'SNOTAFORMULA!@# (UnSober) 2.5 fixed power (ImNotLisa) Timebomb SS raw data (UntzRemark/CreeDo) High Angle shortcuts (Maxstyx/others) 45 fixed angle shooting (UntzRemark/CreeDo) High angle measuring (Lithium) Wood's original high angle measuring Hook windchart (CreeDo's remake),...and the original (Vexez) Old hook estimation (Cidolfas?) Lob formulas (Talent1127, others) Fixed 70 windchart (Dselb) Bad windchart for 2.2 fixed shooting (CreeDo) Vertical wind banpao adjustment (Talent) 1 bar SS lobs (Rearview) Opposite wind shooting (HongHong) Measurement guide for the above (DvineKage) Remake of fixed 35 hooks (CreeDo)... and the original (Vexez) Alternate fixed 35 hookshots (Talent/xFamex) 3 bar fixed hooks (Blesd) How to tell if the shot will hook (Mauvecow) Visual Guide for the above (MezzanineX) Adjusting hooks for a nado (found on Feel site) 2.5 bar backshot system (Honghong) My remake of the 2.5 backshot windchart Full power backshots Metamine long range shotgunning (Talent)

General Formulas

A chart for feeling players to understand wind effect. Simple method for dividing your screen into 4 or 8 parts. Exact distances for high angling Fixed power shooting made easy (CreeDo) My homemade windchart (CreeDo) A similar windchart (Philoburn) Fixed 60 shooting (KNAT, Vexez)...and the visual aid

Advanced General

Not really new, but now you'll see these... ...wind factor spreadsheets from Lord. General BJSL 70 windchart (KNAT). BJSL 70 powers (remake Maxstyx). Calculate halfscreen from full power shots (elguapo) Table of halfscreen 2 bar angles (elguapo) BJSL for various mobiles - Chinese (KNAT) BJSL angle 80, various (remake Maxstyx) Banpao in strong opposite wind (Mishigne) Banpao/3 bar system (KNAT) BJSL shooting (Soyabean translation) BJSL windchart for 10 wind (Soyabean) Banpao/3 bar windchart (KNAT) M2's Shiliang formula (Soyabean translation)


Angles for turtle timebomb SS. Turtle SS misc. pix. Sexxxeh turtle guide (Maxxxeh) A visual guide to using turtle's SS (CreeDo) Complete puffy turtle guide (Ramza)


Armor angle 70 BJSL Armor formula I can't read cuz my Excel is too old. Fixed 70 powers for Armor/Turtle PDF guide (Mishigne) Armor/Turtle high angle/full power chart from PhantomD PhantomD's Armor shortcuts (MaxStyx) 2.4 bar formula visual guide (Caleb) Angle 35 fixed guide (PhantomD) General armor info (Satan12) Armor shooting guide (Kexeric) Opposite wind adjustment


High angle chart (CreeDo) Wind adjustment trick (Zakkwylde) Nak Guide part 1 (Gu4rdiange1)... and intermediate part (warning: large images) 'High on life' nak guide (TonWhyTonWhy) Overly detailed Nak aim formula Angle 70 aim chart (Kooft)...and angle 30 chart


Right-facing UHA three spin shots (Mezz) Right-facing UHA two spin shots (Mezz) Right-facing one spin shots (Mezz) Three more... ...Trico ...windcharts. Trico guide (IcyTalent) Trico wind calculator Trico guide (Shun pu, translation PhantomD) Advanced wind calculations Trico guide (Mauvecow)


Bigass Raon guide (IcyTalent) Illustrated Raon guide (Tooya) Various Raon tricks Raon Guide (Bloodbug)


Lightning guide (EverNoob) Ice guide (MezzanineX) Simple lightning shot formulas (CreeDo) Mage guide (Bannedwand) Grub guide (Rasternz) Ice guide (Badboy/Dubai) Lightning guide (Efferus)

Misc. Info

Getting on gbgl Ventrilo. How to type the Evil guild name. Nars' trick for switching between 2 versions of gunbound. Omniscience's distance formula for math pros. Save & double click this reg to turn off the Buddy List Wind adjustment calculation program Gunbound shot simulator Common Singapore, Chinese, and Malaysian slang Insanely detailed windchart (SirLaMort) Notes for above windchart Pokemon-style natural weakness/strength chart (Brenneh)
Gunbound secret commands. Clip of Armor's tornado bounce (Kiwibonga) 1 cm less trick for Turtle (Kiwibonga) ...second ...third ...fourth ...fifth Type 3 nado SS (Ramza) Telefalling guide. Account of China gunbound (CreeDo) Formula for an old Boomer bug

Cute pix

The 3 bar shotgun in action. Over 1 SD calculations are rad. A shotgun SS that barely opened in time ^^ Cool movie of the morph/tag trick, (morphiola). I better put up a screenshot before I'm kicked out :D Recent gunbound tournament winners, almost all Feel guild. Massively damaging Raon pit. Sayo and I like to joke whenever is updated. I thought I had the fruitest avatar in Gunbound... until I met BadGrammar :o The godly avatar you can win in a Thai tournament A shameless ad for the site from my buddy. The special gold cup rank you get for #1 Hall of Fame Movies of the buggy morphiola trick The lag hop creates a nifty looking boomer air raid Screenshot of the rare 1 wind hook condition A nasty damage turtle SS (ava. on) Some bug/trick where 2 players can have the same ID FRAPS clip proving Bigfoot can own Armor 1v1 Vince also wants to be like Guardiangel HAMTARO, hacked avatar, and "_" OMG Reunited with my ruby after 4 months :D The goofiest bunge ever If you pound the F7 button it will talk to you Animated crazy Nak shots (Gu4rdiange1) pix of unused (new?) maps (Gangsta) Best game of my life? ...thanks to a bug. Htmlfury is an ass, says hi Adson the tourny winner says hi An old match with Lord I was happy to win Rare, hacked, and event items
A full item index of all(?) hex-edited items ROFLCOPTER! Wind factor spreadsheet (Lord guild)...part 2 My Days guild account stats. Recolored stardust The beta avatar shop China's dragon map, GB beta. ...The background for that map Beta Pix from the official site. Beta #2 Beta #3 Beta #4 Beta #5 The NOT so harmless slot hack Grub SS+force+tiny hole (ddss173) How to spot a botter in the wild (Starange7)... and botter #2 The lame delay hack BIGGEST HURRICANE YET (demifrost) It's ok to miss babies sometimes Mage = Caffeine free armor lite. Ultimate Teamstacking The gunbound beta Another beta shot Recently found kickass beta shot Cake's old angle range The old sea of hero The unused city map The unused library map

Links, The Lord guild's home page, The gunbound league and general info site GBGL chat on IRC (requires mIRC to use this link)
Unofficial rankings
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